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DEPC for Proctors

On-Campus DEPC Proctor Responsibilities


The DEPC proctor will:

  • Be a professional staff or faculty member of SSC.

  • Arrive early and ensure the DEPC is open during all hours of operation.

  • Secure sensitive materials in the locked file cabinet. This may include paper exam copies, faculty instructions, and completed exams ready for faculty to pick up.

  • Be prepared to administer the exams as scheduled.

  • Maintain a quiet atmosphere while student tests.


Off-Site Proctor Responsibilities and Procedures

A proctor is a professional who administers and monitors student exams. To ensure academic integrity, students and proctors must follow certain guidelines.

  • Proctors must be objective people who have no personal relationship with the student requesting the exam/assignment.

  • All proctored exams must be taken in suitable, public locations.

  • No exam/assignment may be given in a personal home. 

  • Students must submit the New Proctor application form at least two weeks before the scheduled assessment. The Coordinator of Distance Education will verify that the suggested proctor meets DEPC guidelines and notify the student of approval or concerns.

  • Students choosing someone from the list of pre-approved proctors need only submit the request to take an exam/assignment off-campus and list the name of the approved proctor on that form. This must be submitted no later than one week before the scheduled assessment.

  • Forms can be requested from the DEPC IT Assistant (c.cheng@sscok.edu) or the Coordinator of Distance Education (k.mcbride@sscok.edu)


Who Can and Cannot Act as a Proctor?

The following list provides the most common types of proctors. However, the chosen proctor cannot have a personal relationship or direct association with the student.

  • Educators and Administrators

  • Testing Centers at other accredited institutions

  • Business Professionals

  • Professional Librarians

  • Proctors cannot be related to the student, a current SSC student, or an immediate supervisor or friend


How to Approve a Proctor

Students are responsible for setting up off-site proctoring. They should check with the DEPC or their instructor for a list of already approved proctors that they can contact and schedule an exam/assignment time with. Students must submit a request to use a pre-approved off-campus proctor at least one week before their scheduled exam/assignment. Students must have new proctors must complete the Proctor Application form and submit it for approval to the Coordinator of Distance Education at least two weeks before the exam/assignment is to be given.


Proctoring Charges

Students are responsible for paying any fees charged by their chosen proctor. They should make sure what the proctor charges before gaining approval for that proctor.


Technical Requirements

Proctors must meet the following requirements:

  • Have access to the Internet

  • Have computer equipment that meets the minimum requirements

  • Understand SSC’s Academic Integrity policy in order to accurately monitor exams

  • Follow instructions as provided

  • Proctor must be present during the exam/assignment.

  • Proctor must maintain a quiet atmosphere while the student tests.

  • Proctor must provide a secure place for the student’s personal belongings away from the proctoring area. Personal belongings include cell phones, textbooks, backpacks, purses, and other electronic devices.


Proctoring Forms

Rescheduling an Off-Site Proctored Exam/assignment

If the scheduled proctor for an off-site exam/assignment has to cancel, students should try to find another approved proctor if possible. If not, they should contact their instructor for guidance.


Exam/assignment Guidelines for Proctors

Proctoring Paper/Written Exams/Assignments

  • Proctors will receive email notification when an exam/assignment is accessible to take along with instructions for administering and monitoring that exam/assignment.

  • The proctor must print all exam/assignment materials for the student’s use.

  • The proctor must return the exam/assignment to the instructor in the manner agreed upon. This might be via physical mail, fax, or email (as a scanned document). The instructions will specific the email address or the mailing address to send the completed exam/assignment.

  • At no time should the student have access to these emails or security-related information unless otherwise noted by the instructor. 


Proctoring Electronic Exams/Assignments

Seminole State College uses a learning management system (LMS) to provide on-line courses and course content.  To access the online exam/assignment, proctors should follow the steps below:

  • Have the student log into their class and navigate to the exam/assignment they are scheduled to take

  • The proctor will enter the exam password while the student turns away from the terminal; all passwords are “case sensitive”

  • After the password is entered a new browser window will open overlaid on the page where the proctor entered the password

  • We recommend that you return to the screen behind the exam screen and close it.  This will not log the student out of their exam but will help prevent them from going back into the course to look up answers in the course content.


Monitoring Students

Once the student has started the exam/assignment, proctors must monitor to see that they adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Only used approved materials during the exam/assignment. This includes books, notes, and devices such as calculators.

  • Unless otherwise specified by the faculty instructions, students should only have browser window open in order to complete the exam/assignment. Students may not open or use any program other than the required ones. This includes email, chat, discussion boards, and the Internet.

  • Students may not use any electronic devices such as cell-phones, calculators, and MP3 players.

  • Student should not use any removable storage like CDs, DVDs, USB memory sticks, etc.


Completing the Online Exam

  • Some online exams/assignments may end with students clicking a “Finish” or “Submit” button that sends their answers to the instructor.

  • Other assignments may be completed in a program such as Microsoft Word and require the proctor email the finished document to the instructor’s email account.

  • Only when the exam/assignment has been transmitted to the instructor in the manner specified on the instructions is the student finished with the process.


Issues or Questions

  • Questions concerning proctoring or the proctor approval process should be directed to the Coordinator of Distance Education (k.mcbride@sscok.edu).

  • Questions concerning the exam/assignment should be directed first to the specific instructor and second to the Coordinator of Distance Education.

  • If a problem arises during the time that the student is taking the exam/assignment, and the instructor cannot be contacted, the proctor should note the problem and what measures were taken to resolve the problem. This report should be emailed to the instructor and the Coordinator of Distance Education.

  • Students unable to complete the exam/assignment because of technical problems must contact their teacher to resolve the issue.


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last updated August 2014