ENG 1113 & 1213: Essay Formatting Guidelines


Whenever you turn in a writing assignment (essay, paragraph), follow these guidelines:


  1. Use standard paper (8.5 x 11 white paper) for typed work

  2. For work two pages or longer, place page numbers in upper right hand corner of paper, prefaced by your last name (e.g. Smith 2).  All word processing programs have a page number option to make it easy to insert the numbers.  Check the help menu for details. For online classes or students submitting work via email, attach the file to your email as either a DOC or RTF file only. Your works cited page should be the last page of your essay, not a separate file attachment.

  3. In the upper left corner of the FIRST PAGE ONLY, place the following information (this is a bit different than the MLA in your handbook):

    Your Name

    My name, class and time (e.g. ENG 1113, 10:00)

    Date turned in

    Assignment (e.g. Narrative Rough Draft)

  4. On the next line, center the title of your essay/paragraph.  Do not use quotation marks or all caps.  Capitalize all words in your title except articles and prepositions (unless one begins the title).  For example:  The Time of My Life

  5. The text of your essay should be left justified - not centered or full.

  6. When typing, use a 12 point, Times New Roman font ONLY.

  7. Use 1" margins all around for typed work (the header of your page will be inch from the top, but WORD automatically adjusts for that if you set 1 margins).

  8. Staple or paper clip your work together (unless emailing).

  9. Double space everything


The following is an example of the first part of a first page:


Joe Student


McBride: ENG 1213, 11:00


September 15, 1999


Civil Disobedience Essay, Final Draft


Putting It on the Line


            Breaking the law is not something I would ever take lightly.  My parents raised me to have a respect for the rules governing our


 country.  However, I do love my family immensely,